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The tag custom factory tells you what the tag has.

Edit:Dongguan Zhenyang Printing Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-06

        Because of the fierce competition in the apparel industry, from the previous style and quality comparison Now that we have developed a comparison of every detail, the more famous the brand, the more we have to work hard on the details. A good detail design can often play a finishing touch on this piece of clothing. Of course, this detail is not just a single finger. The details of the clothing and decoration also include a small tag.

        There is a great knowledge in the clothing tag, the clothing is purchased, not only the consultant price, but also to learn to see the tag label, I will look at the clothing tag to help you understand the problem of many clothing sources.

        1. tag custom factoryIngredients and their content of raw materials

        The name of the ingredients and their contents will also be displayed on the tag, subject to national regulations. The name and content of the ingredients required for the raw materials should also be marked in the product. The content of the textile fibers should be in accordance with the labeling requirements for textile fiber content.

        2. Labeling of the clothing product category of the tag custom factory

         Class A is for infants and young children under 2 years of age.

        Class B is a product that does not directly contact the skin.

        C is a product that can contact the skin.

        3. The name and address of the manufacturer

         The name and address of the garment manufacturer registered according to law, the entrusted enterprise processing the product for the client, and not responsible for external sales, the name and address of the client must be marked on the product, and the imported garment should be marked with Chinese. The country of origin of the goods is the name and address of the country or region where the agent or importer or seller is legally registered in China.

        4.Product Name

         The product name indicates the true nature of the product, so the name in the tag may not be casual, and it must meet one of the following three requirements.

        First, the standard name that meets the national standards and industry standards for product specifications.

        2. If there is no provision in national standards or industry standards, use common names or short names that do not mislead consumers for misunderstandings and mistakes. .

        3. When using special names and trademark names, clearly mark the same name in the same part of the national standard or industry standard or use it. Common names and abbreviations that will cause consumers to misunderstand and make mistakes.