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What should I pay attention to during the printing and production of the drug product?

Edit:Dongguan Zhenyang Printing Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-06

The manual is primarily a type of printed product for related product introductions and descriptions. It should be said that various types of manual printing products have always been a relatively common type in China. The pharmaceutical manual printing products are a type of manual, which differs from other types of instructions in printing production and production. Printing products are mainly used to introduce the role and use of medicines. Therefore, the requirements for printing quality will be relatively high. So, what should be paid attention to during the printing and production of pharmaceutical specifications? Below, Zhenyang Printing will tell you about it.

Printing and production of pharmaceuticals must first pay special attention to accuracy and rigor, because each drug instruction is relevant The patient's medication is safe, so when printing production, there must be no variety of omissions, whether it is the drug dose, or the instructions for the use of the drug, should be clear and legible printing, printing font standards, easy for the majority The patient's identification, even more than printing errors, is the minimum requirement for the drug label.

In addition, the printing of the drug label should pay special attention to the printing process, and the type of printing should be selected. For example, it is better to select a drug label for printing production paper to have better ink absorption. Most of this type of printing paper has the characteristics of uniform ink absorption, water resistance and paper whiteness are better than other types of printing paper. The paper surface is uniform, lint-free, slightly elastic, opaque, and has certain resistance. Water performance.