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What are the precautions when printing instructions?

Edit:Dongguan Zhenyang Printing Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-06
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    In daily life, whether you buy an electric appliance, a mobile phone, or a box of cold medicine, there will be an explanation book to clarify the book The big lunches have made everyone, and they have improved the efficiency of each person's work. Such a plain and clear statement actually contains very rich information. Then do you know how to print the book? What are the precautions when printing the instructions? Today, Xiaoyang’s small series has come to tell you.

Printing of the manual There are seven parts to note.

1. Cover: The identification information of the product should be given, including the product title, the number and date of publication of the clarification book, and the full name of the consumer company.

2, 2: including the preface or overview, the product clarifies the usefulness and role of the book.  

3, back cover: corporate title, address, contact information (such as phone, website, etc.).

4. Directory: The contents of the product clarification book. Body: The composition of the product model and its representative meaning, clarify the book should be  

5, the meaning of the numbers and symbols in the product specifications and models. Analysis and removal of defects: The initiative is clarified in a tabular manner, including fault phenomenon, cause analysis, maintenance and disposal methods. Maintenance support: List how to stop maintenance and maintenance. The parts of maintenance and maintenance should be given a diagram to clarify. Component Schedule: Lists the number of components, titles, etc. of the product in a tabular manner.  

6. Appendix: The random specification, accessories, spare parts and technical documents can be clarified by means of appendices.

7, three guarantees: consumer guarantee, contact method, after-sales service, equipment quality monitoring card, etc., the product does not carry the three-package certificate, the information about the three-pack and after-sale service should be clarified in the product clarification .

The printing of instructions has an accurate clarification effect in the application of the product, and the explanation is necessary to clarify the book. With the development of China's economic pace, the people's life and death levels have progressed from time to time, commercial, industrial and agricultural development has been rapid, cultural and cultural activities have also increased, and people will encounter a variety of products and consumer goods in their daily consumption.  

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