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What are the common materials for washing water?

Edit:Dongguan Zhenyang Printing Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-05
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        Washing water, also known as washing label, care label, wash label, will mark the fabric composition of the clothes and the correct washing Method: such as dry cleaning / machine washing / hand washing, whether it can be bleached, drying method, ironing temperature requirements, etc., used to guide the user to properly wash and maintain the clothes; the washing water will generally be in the back collar, the middle waist唛 Below or next to it, or at the side seam.

        Commonly used materials for washing water: ribbons, tapes and cotton belts are the most commonly used materials for printing wash water. Washing water has different materials to match different product information. Commonly used are nylon (Nylon), polyester fiber (Polyester), acetate (Acetate), blended (TC), cotton (Cotton) and non-woven fabrics. At the same time, in order to improve the value and diversity of products, there are Full-dull Fabrics, Sem-dull Fabrics, Bright Fabrics and Pearl Finished Fabrics...

        There are some woven fabric labels that have a small amount of discoloration in the wash water, because the dyeing effect of the yarn is not good. . Some are because the production technology is not enough. Our customers are very satisfied with our washing, because our quality is guaranteed. Many friends will ask, what is the price of ours, and the price is closely related to the number of specifications and the cumbersome things in the post-process. In general, our prices are acceptable to the public.

        There are clothes that don’t have such a similar woven label, which we usually call "unknown" or "failed" "The clothes. Consumers usually buy quality that comes with quality and comes from a general, failing or "unknown", we will not buy. There is also the meaning of weaving cloth labels, do not underestimate a wash water oh. A small wash, if you pay attention, you will know the contents of the clothing. If you find a dress, a hoe, a tag, a wash, etc., all are complete, compare, nothing. Unnatural, the mind will come up with a word "cottage"! Right! This is the difference between a regular brand and a cottage.