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What issues should you pay attention to when choosing the watermark logo material?

Edit:Dongguan Zhenyang Printing Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-05
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        Washing water, also known as washing label, care label, wash label, will mark the fabric composition of the clothes and the correct washing Method: such as dry cleaning / machine washing / hand washing, whether it can be bleached, drying method, ironing temperature requirements, etc., used to guide the user to properly wash and maintain the clothes; the washing water will generally be in the back collar, the middle waist唛 Below or next to it, or at the side seam. We mainly consider the choice of the wash water 唛 trademark material:

        1. The wash water 不会 material will not be allergic to human skin, will not Stimulating skin

        2. Printing can be clear

        ; 3. Can wash and not fade.

        Generally used water wash materials are:   Ribbon, tape, cotton tape, polyester tape, ribbon, etc.         

        1. Washing labels are usually available in tape-type materials and There are two kinds of ribbon-type materials, and the two materials can be printed clearly with the carbon ribbon, but only the tape-type water-washing enamel combined with the special resin ribbon of the washing water can print the label content to resist repeated washing and no fading. The otter label is the most widely used, somewhat white like paper.

        2. Ribbon-type water-washing materials can also be printed clearly, but can not be washed repeatedly, can be used in dry clothes such as down jackets Materials, or gimmicks such as handbags and bags. Ribbons are usually softer than tape. Rejuvenation accessories are based on years of experience in trademark washing and washing: ribbon (economical, can achieve the best washing effect), tape (the tape is also called plant coated cloth, the surface is slippery, so the printing effect is best, but not as good as the ribbon Washable), cotton belt (natural environmental protection), polyester belt (smooth fabric, good printing effect, washable).