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What should you pay attention to when designing a woven label?

Edit:Dongguan Zhenyang Printing Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-05

        Weaving is woven on clothes and trousers, containing text and letters , the logo of the LOGO pattern. The clothing factory, garment factory, and home textile factory used in the production, manufacture, processing or sale of clothing and home textiles to distinguish the source of clothing and home textiles, by text, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, or The combination of the above elements, with distinctive features, is a product of the modern economy.

        Weaving is on the looms, by fixing the warp yarns, using weft yarns to express words, figures, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, The color combination is woven, with high-end, firm, clear lines, soft hand feel, and so on.

        woven trademarks It plays an important role in the creation of brand-name companies and brand-name products. In the process of communication, it is conducive to the formation and promotion of the status of the enterprise by establishing a good impression and trust relationship between the consumer and the enterprise. At the same time, it also promoted the enterprise's emphasis on the art form of trademarks and improved the design value of trademarks. Of course, while enterprises and people pay attention to the art form and design value of trademarks, they also inevitably put forward higher requirements for the visual performance of woven trademarks. In particular, note the following:


         1. The accuracy of the expression of thought.

        In the design of clothing labels, the visual design language should be fully reflected from the content to the form, which can accurately reflect the clothing industry and enterprises. The characteristics reflect the personality, connotation and market positioning of the clothing brand. The information conveyed by the logo is consistent with the consumer's interaction, clear and clear, at a glance, in line with people's cognitive psychology, easy to identify and remember.

        2, visual artistry.

        In addition to the practical functions of accurately conveying information, clothing label design should also have artistic appeal and appeal, reflecting diverse clothing. Modernity. Therefore, it requires a beautiful and unique shape, with good visual impact and affinity, which brings people visual pleasure and enjoyment, reflecting the need of communication in the new era.

        3, creative personality.

        In the design of clothing labels, the intrinsic characteristics of clothing brands were explored, and the difference between clothing brands and other brands was strengthened. The attributes of the clothing brand reflect the style and taste of the clothing brand. Therefore, the shape and meaning of the logo are unique and novel in design, and the pursuit of individuality makes it have unlimited vitality.

        4, convenient for production, use and management.

        Weaving trademarks should be displayed within a certain range and in different environments, promoted in different media, and produced on different materials.