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tote bag
tote bag

Guangdong Tote Bag Printing FactoryThe classification of handbags is very much. According to the classification thickness, there may be hundreds of different types of handbags to be printed, in various shapes and in various ways, their functions and appearance. The content also has its own merits. From the perspective of the packaging and printing industry, the types of handbag printing have been sorted out. Tote printing is classified according to the following criteria:

Classified by material

1. White cardboard tote bag

The tote bag made of white cardboard is the most high-grade tote bag, which is characterized in that the strength of the white cardboard tote bag is the highest among all the tote bags. It is determined by the physical properties of white cardboard, which designers typically use for high-end clothing or merchandise. Compared with the white paper tote bag, the white cardboard tote bag is obviously delicate, so the white cardboard tote bag is particularly elegant. White cardboard has good printability, and designers can boldly apply various design techniques (including color concept). White cardboard tote bags are the most expensive of the handbags.

2, white paper tote bag

Whiteboard paper is also a common material for making handbags. The tote bag made of whiteboard paper is stronger and can hold some goods with a certain weight. Designers often use whiteboard paper for clothing handbags, and the specifications are generally open or full-open handbags. Because of the general printability of whiteboard paper, it is more suitable for printing characters, lines or color blocks. The whiteboard paper has a high strength and can be coated without a film. Therefore, the cost is relatively low, and it is a relatively affordable tote bag.

3, coated paper tote bag

Select a coated paper tote bag, which is characterized by moderate fastness. Since the coated paper has high whiteness and gloss, and the printing suitability is good, the designer can boldly adopt various pictures and color blocks, and the advertising effect is good. After the surface of the coated paper is covered with a light film or matt film, it not only has moisture-proof and durable functions, but also appears more refined. Coated paper is one of the most popular tote making materials.

4, kraft paper tote bag

The tote bag made of kraft paper is characterized by high fastness and lowest cost, and is generally used for general merchandise. In addition to white kraft paper, the general kraft paper has a darker background, so it is more suitable for printing dark text and lines, and can also design some contrasting color blocks. Kraft paper tote bags are generally not covered, making them the lowest cost tote bag.


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