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Sequin Embroidery
Sequin Embroidery
Sequin Embroidery

The non-woven handbag factory is also called beaded embroidery. It is made of hollow beads, beads, artificial gemstones, glittering beads, etc. Apparel, in order to produce jewels, dazzling effect, generally used in stage performance clothing, to add the beauty and appeal of clothing, but also widely used in vamps, bags, jewelry boxes and so on.

Also known as sequin embroidery, sequin embroidery, sequin embroidery. It refers to the environmentally-friendly sheet of high-temperature resistant PET materials of various colors, which are punched into a strip of beads of the same size and size by a punching machine, and then embroidered on an embroidery machine equipped with a sequin embroidery device. The sequin embroidery product is composed of a number of individual beads and stitches. When the sequins are working, the feeding device moves the long, tape-like beads to the fabric, and then the slicing knife of the slicing device cuts one bead and the needle is centered on the bead. (bead hole) puncture the fabric, fix the position of the bead, and then embroider the single or double needle and the third needle along the outer ring of the bead as the center, and wrap the sequin to make it close to the fabric. on. In the repeated movement of the sequin embroidery device and the embroidery needle, and the movement of the embroidery frame, a glittering sequin embroidery is completed.

The shape of the sequin embroidery has many kinds, such as round, square, triangle, ellipse, irregular shape, vertical strip, and color can be produced according to requirements. The diameters range from 0.3CM, 0.5CM, and 0.7CM.

Main Features

1. Play a special effect of the beaded decorative image 

The decorative image of the beaded embroidery is made of beads, Beads, bead tubes, etc. are made by stitching together, that is, based on the point, using dots to form a line, paving the surface with lines; using different thicknesses, different density, different directions, different bead types, different types, Different sizes and different color variations and chromatic aberrations form different levels and produce different decorative effects.

2. Make full use of the glitter effect of the beads

Bead embroidery is an embroidered item floating on the fabric, which is strong by the glittering color of the beads, beads and beads. The expressiveness, glittering and gorgeous is a major feature of it. Among them, the embroidery thread is not the main form of expression, but the embroidering effect. In order to achieve a strong flickering effect, silk fabric or mesh cloth is generally used.

3, highlighting the refraction effect of the beads.

Yanrui has a rich substrate, and various beads have different refracting color effects and conditions. Yan Ruiren makes good use of beads, diamonds and other materials to make full use of the bevel and the direction of refraction of the bead, so that the sequin embroidery can achieve the best scintillation effect.

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