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washing machine
washing machine
washing machine

The wash water has different materials to match different product information. Commonly used are nylon (Nylon), polyester fiber (Polyester), acetate (Acetate), blended (TC), cotton (Cotton) and non-woven fabrics. At the same time, in order to improve the value and diversity of products, there are Full-dull Fabrics, Sem-dull Fabrics, Bright Fabrics and Pearl Finished Fabrics.

In order to apply to different printing methods, the fabric is also coated with different chemical materials or resins. This processing procedure ensures that the fabric absorbs ink well during printing and is easy to dry and is not easily discolored or discolored, as well as washable and non-scattering, and its various characteristics must fully comply with international standards.

Clean and wash clothes properly;

Washing water is usually placed under or next to the main collar in the back/back waist, or where the car is in the side seam .

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